Streamlined Data Processing the VR.World Platform

VR.World is a centralised online platform that analyses and processes vast amounts of global data. The large volume of data passing through VR.World allows for economies of scale and the most competitive processing and distribution platform for our clients.

NCTech will continue to develop and provide applications on VR.World but also encouraging 3rd party developers to integrate their applications to provide users with a growing set of tools to enhance and add value to their data and experience.

iSTAR Pulsar Processing Costs

iSTAR Pulsar processing costs
Data Plan Full access to data
Processing fee per image 2.5¢
Storage per month per image 1.25¢
Download of data per image 1.25¢
Publish to Google Street View Included

All 360 Degree Camera Systems Supported

Processing costs VR.World
Client and VR.World ownership of data
Camera system All 360 degree cameras
Image type 2:1 aspect equi‐rectangular .jpg
Processing fee Free
Storage per month Free
Download of data Free
Publish to Google Street View Free

VR.World supports FREE Hosting and Distribution for 360 degree panoramic images from almost any camera.

Simply create an account and start uploading your images and share them using the VR.World tools. You don’t need to own an NCTech camera, you can use images from other brands such as Ricoh, Samsung, Nikon and Canon. Expert photographers using quality Nodal Ninja panoramic rotators can also upload their manually stitched images. Fair usage terms and conditions apply.