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VR.World is a powerful cloud processing platform that provides all the tools you need to upload, process, view and share your 3D VR and 360 degree content


Publish and share your data using the latest VR ready technology

The VR.World app is the sim­ple solu­tion to cap­ture, upload, process, review and share your big data cap­ture.
Advanced fea­tures are avail­able through the VR.World web­site login such as account man­age­ment, machine learn­ing tools, ana­lyt­ics and more. Free tri­als com­ing soon.

iSTAR Pulsar Big Data Player

Con­tent cap­tured on iSTAR Pul­sar can be large and dif­fi­cult to man­age and share. Our big data play­er allows you to pro­vide an immer­sive view­ing expe­ri­ence on most devices includ­ing card­board and VR head­sets. The ‘play mode’ with­in the play­er streams a fast, inter­ac­tive, 360 video expe­ri­ence for any part of the route. You can cus­tomise the play­er expe­ri­ence to your taste and can be eas­i­ly embed­ded with­in your web­site.

Immersive 3D WEB VR Player

To enable a true VR expe­ri­ence, your data needs to be cap­tured in 3D. This can be done with the new NCTech Vir­tu­al Real­i­ty Cam­era (com­ing soon) or from LiDAR and struc­tured light scan­ner sys­tems. VR.World sup­ports mul­ti­ple 3D for­mats includ­ing mesh­es, colour point-clouds and obj. Our 3D Play­er for web will allow you to view the data in stun­ning 3D on almost any device, allow­ing you to roam around as if you were there in per­son.

Interactive Virtual Tour Player

Our stan­dard image play­er allows you to present your panoram­ic images from most cam­era sys­tems in a immer­sive inter­ac­tive view­er, on com­put­ers, smart­phones and 3D VR head­sets. With just a few clicks you can add cus­tom anno­ta­tions, exter­nal links, pdfs, videos and shop­ping carts to enhance the user expe­ri­ence.

Extract Measurements from Images and 3D Models

From with­in our Tour Play­er, you can enable options for the user to drag and mea­sure objects. Ide­al for mea­sur­ing up door­ways and win­dows. Vol­u­met­ric esti­mat­ed mea­sure­ments are also pos­si­ble.

Leverage the power of Machine Learning and AI

Our image pro­cess­ing enables users to under­stand the con­tent of an image by util­is­ing our pow­er­ful machine learn­ing. It quick­ly clas­si­fies images and street fur­ni­ture into thou­sands of cat­e­gories such as “street”, “sta­di­um”, “bridge”. It detects indi­vid­ual objects, street signs, shop signs and faces with­in images. We add these details to your geospa­tial data­base — thus enabling mar­ket­ing sce­nar­ios through image sen­ti­ment analy­sis — mak­ing it ide­al for Smart Cities and city plan­ners.

Classification Detection

Detect broad sets of cat­e­gories rang­ing from modes of trans­porta­tion to ani­mals
Detect explic­it con­tent like adult con­tent or vio­lent con­tent
Detect pop­u­lar prod­uct logos
Detect pop­u­lar nat­ur­al and man-made struc­tures

Detect and extract text, with sup­port for a broad range of lan­guages
Detect mul­ti­ple faces and the asso­ci­at­ed key facial attrib­ut­es, emo­tion­al state, wear­ing head­wear
Facial Recog­ni­tion is not sup­port­ed

Developer API Integrations

We con­tin­ue to grow the fea­tures of our pro­cess­ing, play­ers and deliv­ery but we also encour­age an open plat­form for devel­op­ers to add val­ue ser­vices through our API’s. If you are a devel­op­er and you are inter­est­ed in inte­grat­ing VR.World as part of your platform/workflow then please con­tact us for more infor­ma­tion.

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