Virtualize the world

Capture the world as you drive earning up to $36/hour*

Owning the iSTAR Pulsar could make you money capturing routes for NCTech all over the world. With the freedom to choose selected routes* and when you work, becoming a Virtual Reality Virtualizer is great way to be your own boss. Its a great way to supplement your income, whether you are self‐employed, freelance, an independent contractor or worker. *Earnings based on countries and speeds around the world, averaged earnings are $21/hr.

Why become a Virtualizer?



You decide where and when to capture, via our navigation app.



Earn higher rates of pay than most delivery drivers.

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Bespoke, easy to use app and connectivity.

Which countries can I virtualize?

We are looking for Virtualizers in countries all over the world.

What equipment is needed?

You will need to purchase an iSTAR Pulsar and have a vehicle fitted with a roof bar on a hardtop roof, which can support the iSTAR Pulsar mount, an android or iOS phone and a fast broadband connection to upload the data. We will provide free access to our VR.World navigation management app.

Can I use any vehicle?

To ensure consistency of imaging throughout the world, all vehicles need to be able to be fitted with a roof bar and be mounted to a hard top roof to support the iSTAR Pulsar mount. Small to medium sized vehicles are preferred and must be capable of driving on public roads. If in any doubt please contact our support team prior to purchase.

Who can become a VR.World Virtualizer?

The opportunity is open to anyone who purchases an iSTAR Pulsar, is legally able to work and drive in their area, has a valid bank account and agrees to the terms and conditions in the NCTech VR.World agreement.

Will I be working for NCTech as an employee?


NCTech VR.World offers routes for self‐employed, freelance or independent contractors who are looking to add additional income for themselves or their business. The availability of work can be affected by seasonality and demand and it is therefore recommended to add this to other commercial opportunities.

Can someone else use the camera?


You can use the camera as an individual, share as part of a group or even issue it to your own employees.The Virtualizer program is an opportunity to add additional income for yourself or your business.

How do I select routes?

On purchasing the iSTAR Pulsar you will be sent a link to download the app to control it. Through the app, you can register to become a VR.World Virtualizer. You will also have access to training and support, which will allow you to access and choose available routes in your area.

How long will the routes be?

Routes will range from 1 to 7 hour drives, based on average road speeds in the area. Routes can be selected days in advance of the due date, as we appreciate that weather and other factors can influence the best time to capture. Payment for virtualizing a route will vary depending on the area and distance. An estimated payment for virtualizing a route is shown when selecting the route in the app.

How did you base the estimated earnings per hour?

Routes are based on competitive hourly rates for each country, distances travelled and running costs. All pricing is fixed and payments are made on completion of a route being uploaded and verified.

When do I need to virtualize?

Captures are done in the hours of daylight. As long as captures are done in daylight you can choose your own work pattern (be it a late or early start, week days or weekends) to suit your lifestyle.  The only thing we would ask you to bear in mind is that you will probably want to avoid rush hour in your capture area.

Can I take a break?

As many breaks as you want.

…and enjoy the break!  Once finished just return to the same point you stopped to take a break and continue your capture.

Can I capture using another type of vehicle or on foot?

There is an approved NCTech Explorer Backpack which is available from our store to allow you to capture on foot. The Explorer Backpack will be used on routes that are exclusive to pedestrianised areas. We do not advise that you use any other type of vehicles outwith a car, van or Explorer Backpack.

Does the payment include tax?

As a self‐employed contractor / worker you will be required to provide a self‐assessment tax return each year to ensure you pay the appropriate taxation for your country. We would advise that you seek advice on any self‐employment questions with your local tax office.

How do I get paid and when?

Payment will be made to the bank account of the registered iStar Pulsar owner on verification of completed routes on the last day of each calendar month.

How do I get the app?

A link to download the app will be sent to you once you have purchased your iSTAR Pulsar.