Our team
Cameron Ure Portrait
Cameron Ure

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Cameron co-founded NCTech in 2010 and has worked within the panoramic industry for over 15 years…
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Neil Tocher portrait
Neil Tocher

Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder 

22 years of business experience, has worked for larger companies such as Apple, Adobe and Macromedia…
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Duncan Macrae
Duncan Macrae

Chief Financial Officer

Over 20 years of working with growing UK businesses. A chartered accountant with private equity experience…
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Colin McGill portrait
Colin McGill


Chartered Accountant, has held a number of Directorships and management positions at UK companies…
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Andrew Clifforth portrait
Andrew Clifforth

Non-Executive Director

Focus on commercialising advanced technologies from within new or growing businesses…
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John Waddell portrait
John Waddell

Non-Executive Director

On the board of NCTech since 2015 as well as acting as an adviser for Archangels and sitting on the board of a number of other companies…
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Mansour Ahmadian portrait
Dr Mansour Ahmadian

(BSc, MSC, PhD, MIET, CEng) Director of Engineering

Chartered Engineer and member of IET, he has won several national and international awards…
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David Munro portrait
David Munro

Lead Electronics Engineer

Responsible for product testing and assembly, works closely with the product manufacturing team…
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Lee Grant portrait
Lee Grant

Production Engineer

Monitoring our automatic focusing rigs performing debug and testing…
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Rudi Glynn portrait
Rudi Glynn

Production Engineer

Works in various parts of production: debug, focusing, calibration, testing…
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Robert Stevenson portrait
Robert Stevenson

Production Engineer

Claire Morand portrait
Claire Morand

(BSc, MSc, PhD) Lead Software Engineer

PhD in image processing and worked as researcher on image processing and human-robot visual interaction…
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Calum McLean portrait
Calum McLean

(BEng, PhD) Senior Software Engineer

Experienced developer of software algorithms in the fields of computer vision, dimensional metrology, medical imaging…
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Dale Borland portrait
Dale Borland

(BSc) Platform Engineer

An expert in coding and hardware integration. His role is critical…
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Dhinesh Ganesan portrait
Dhinesh Ganesan

(B.Tech, MSc) Electronic Engineer

Ensuring that each system is produced with a focus on quality…
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Jordan Sewell portrait
Jordan Sewell

(BSc, MSc) Computer Vision Engineer

Heavily involved in our cutting edge, point clouds, meshing techniques, image processing development…
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Graeme Tinsdale portrait
Graeme Tinsdale

(BSc) Software Engineer

Excellent core skills in GPU processing, Open GL/CL…
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Benjie Marwick Johnstone portrait
Benjie Marwick Johnstone

Software Engineer

Creating system applications, SDK…
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Clementine Wachter portrait
Clementine Wachter

(BSc, MSc) Mathematical Modelling Engineer

Specialising in the development of algorithms, imaging calibration…
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Gabriel Chan portrait
Gabriel Chan

(BEng) Backend Web Engineer

Specialised in web development and graphics programming, brings web technologies to company’s solution…
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Deborah Kalalu portrait
Deborah Kalalu

(BSc, MSc) Electronic Engineer

Oversees production schedules and ensures NCTech quality control…
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Araceli Perez Ramos portrait
Araceli Perez Ramos

(BSc, MSc) Data Analyst

Part of the research team, works explicitly on 3D modelling and point cloud data analysis…
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Chris Dryden portrait
Chris Dryden

Commercial Director

Chris started his career in 1999 working for 3D Scanners…
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Andrew Baddeley portrait
Andrew Baddeley

Technical Sales Director

High level of imaging expertise, able to work closely with customers at a technical level…
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Emma Carter portrait
Emma Carter

Executive Assistant
Office Manager

Delivering high quality servicing to all customer enquiries…
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Rob Jones

Business Development Manager

Developing new business opportunities and markets…
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Robert Shear portrait
Robert Shear

Strategic Advisor

Previously the Sr. Director and GM of Reality Solutions Group with Autodesk…
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Paul Thomson portrait
Paul Thomson

Sales Executive

Guides customers through the sales process, giving informed advice…
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Daniele Carotenuto portrait
Daniele Carotenuto

Media Manager

Skilled graphic and 3D designer, photographer and videographer, helps the company deliver…
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Laoibhse Griffin portrait
Laoibhse Griffin

Administration Assistant

Helps customers with any queries they may have prior to ordering, processes orders…
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Euan Stirling portrait
Euan Stirling

Project Manager

Ensures that critical production and development schedules are maintained…
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Jamie McLaren portrait
Jamie McLaren

Technical Support

Ensuring that user queries and issues are quickly and efficiently addressed and resolved…
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David Thomson portrait
David Thomson

Reality Capture Specialist

Lorna MacDonald portrait
Lorna MacDonald

Human Resource

Experienced HR professional responsible for providing advice and guidance to managers and employees…
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Allan Young portrait
Allan Young

Financial Controller

Experienced financial manager who has worked for and contributed to the success of a number of companies…
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Szymon Wilk portrait
Szymon Wilk

Account Assistant

Day to day general accounting duties: sales and Purchase ledger, banking, credit controlling…
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Careers at NCTech

We are looking for ambitious, creative and enthusiastic applicants to join our dynamic and rapidly-growing 3D 360 degree imaging company based in Edinburgh.

We are now hiring several positions
Read more in our career page

Please send your CV and a one page covering letter highlighting key reasons why you want to work for us at jobs@nctechimaging.com

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