Immersive tech — transforming the workplace

Immer­sive tech­nol­o­gy, name­ly VR, AR and Mixed Real­i­ty, is undoubt­ed­ly dri­ving inno­va­tion across a broad spec­trum of indus­tries. I recent­ly tuned into a webi­nar host­ed by VR Intel­li­gence to learn how dif­fer­ent indus­tries have inte­grat­ed this tech into their busi­ness, as both an organ­i­sa­tion­al tool — to enhance how teams work togeth­er and with clients……
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Scotland — our home & the home of tech

Over the past few years Scot­land has been wide­ly recog­nised as a hub for tech inno­va­tion, and the sharp rise in tech start-ups last year across the coun­try, ref­er­enced by the BBC recent­ly, couldn’t be more encour­ag­ing. Our jour­ney began back in 2010, and since then we’ve grown expo­nen­tial­ly, thanks to sup­port from our investors;……
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Ready Player One.…Go!

Our Com­mer­cial Direc­tor Chris Dry­den gives his per­spec­tive on Spielberg’s AR and VR led fan­ta­sy. I real­ly enjoyed the Real Play­er One (RPO) and thought it was pitched at the right lev­el. I watched with my 13 year old daugh­ter who (proud dad moment!) got most of the retro ref­er­ences! The film was always going……
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Confessions of a GDC virgin

A blog post from Chris Dry­den, Com­mer­cial Direc­tor Full dis­clo­sure up front: I’m not a gamer – I’m still try­ing to get the hang of the 1970s clas­sic Pong! But some­how, despite being a game-lud­dite, I man­aged to find myself at the Mec­ca of com­put­er games, the Game Devel­op­er Con­fer­ence (GDC) in San Fran­cis­co (with……
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Test our android AR app

We’ve been play­ing around with some scans in AR here in the office recent­ly. Check out the video below – it shows our test­ing of an Android AR app using a mod­el of The Scot­tish Kelpies. It was cap­tured using the LASiris VR, which has been con­vert­ed from a point cloud and con­tains over 4 mil­lion points.

LASiris VR update

Since we first announced LASiris VR at SPAR3D ear­li­er this year, we have been work­ing hard to devel­op and improve its hard­ware and back-end data pro­cess­ing. There’s still some work to do but we feel now is a good time to share with you our plans for releas­ing the prod­uct to mar­ket. Back­ground LASiris VR……
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