NCTech at SIGGRAPH 2018

  What impressed us the most at SIGGRAPH 2018? ACM SIGGRAPH is a special interest group of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) which brings together researchers, artists, developers, filmmakers, scientists, and business professionals who share an interest in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Their conference has become one of the world’s premier events regarding the……
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Ready Player One.…Go!

Our Commercial Director Chris Dryden gives his perspective on Spielberg’s AR and VR led fantasy. I really enjoyed the Real Player One (RPO) and thought it was pitched at the right level. I watched with my 13 year old daughter who (proud dad moment!) got most of the retro references! The film was always going……
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Confessions of a GDC virgin

A blog post from Chris Dryden, Commercial Director Full disclosure up front: I’m not a gamer – I’m still trying to get the hang of the 1970s classic Pong! But somehow, despite being a game-luddite, I managed to find myself at the Mecca of computer games, the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco (with……
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Test our android AR app

We’ve been playing around with some scans in AR here in the office recently. Check out the video below – it shows our testing of an Android AR app using a model of The Scottish Kelpies. It was captured using the LASiris VR, which has been converted from a point cloud and contains over 4 million points.

LASiris VR update

Since we first announced LASiris VR at SPAR3D earlier this year, we have been working hard to develop and improve its hardware and back-end data processing. There’s still some work to do but we feel now is a good time to share with you our plans for releasing the product to market. Background LASiris VR……
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