iSTAR Pulsar Roof Mount Cradle

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Mount your iSTAR Pulsar securely onto your vehicle with the iSTAR Pulsar Vehicle Mount.

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The iSTAR Pulsar Roof Mount Cradle is a safe and secure way to attach the iSTAR Pulsar to the iSTAR Magnetic Roof Frame.

The iSTAR Pulsar VRoof Mount Cradle is a quick release system, making it is easy to attach and detach the iSTAR Pulsar in seconds — which is a big help when reaching over your vehicle roof. The iSTAR Pulsar Roof Mount Cradle also includes a lock to ensure your iSTAR Pulsar is safe when left for short periods of time and a levelling system to compensate for your vehicle roof angle helped by the built in spirit level.

The iSTAR Magnetic Roof Frame will raise the height of the iSTAR Pulsar to approximately 600mm above the vehicle roof to enable the iSTAR Pulsar to see more around the vehicle and less of the vehicle roof in the images.

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Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 29 × 19 × 19 cm