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NCTech shares experience as a high growth company



From let to right: Neil Tocher (CTO, NCTech), Cameron Ure (CEO, NCTech), Mohab Murrar (CEO, ISSF) Raya Rosuan (Director of Investments, ISSF) and Maria MacKinney (Business Partner, Scottish Enterprise).

Scottish Enterprise Visits NCTech as They Showcase High Growth Companies.

NCTech had the pleasure of hosting representatives from Innovative Start-ups and SMEs Fund (ISSF) last Wednesday. Mr Mohab Murrar (CEO) and Ms Raya Rosuan (Director of Investments) were accompanied by Maria MacKinney from Scottish Enterprise, keen to learn of how NCTech have been able to secure equity investment and achieve a high rate of growth with the support of Scottish Enterprise.

The ISSF promotes entrepreneurship and supports the job creation in Jordan, and this visit is part of a broader mission to learn more about the investment ecosystem in Scotland.

Mr Murrar and Ms Rosuan were eager to learn about how the risk capital market has developed over the years, and the range of support mechanisms available in Scotland to help companies achieve growth in the hope that they can apply this knowledge to stimulate economic growth in their homeland.

They were excited to hear of NCTech’s journey, our experience of raising investment, the challenges we faced and how we overcame them, and the support that Scottish Enterprise was able to provide.

‘We sincerely hope that sharing our experience in this way can help the ISSF to stimulate economic growth in Jordan, and look forward to seeing what exciting new start-ups emerge as a result of their work.’ Said Cameron Ure, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of NCTech.