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Creating an affordable vehicle-mounted inspection solution for local governments

KOREC brings innovative survey and mapping technology to market including the most advanced GNSS, mobile mapping, 3D laser scanners, UAS and total station solutions available to geospatial professionals. The company is a leading distributor of Trimble, senseFly and GeoSlam instruments and has its own in-house software development division.

The problem

Local authorities need to be able to inspect and assess roads and other infrastructure for changes, issues and defects. However, until now the equipment available to do this was technically complex, often limitingly bulky and as a result, prohibitively expensive. Another barrier was the challenges of training staff to use it.

To meet this need, geospatial technology expert KOREC has partnered with NCTech to bring to market an accessible solution aimed at these audiences.

iSTAR Pulsar+ and vehicle mount

Introducing KlearView360°

The new system combines NCTech’s iSTAR Pulsar+ high resolution imaging system with KOREC’s K-Portal cloud-based hosting solution.

iSTAR Pulsar+ enables users to capture 360° imagery at sufficiently high resolution, allowing attributes to be assessed in detail, at highway speeds. Compact, and relatively lightweight, iSTAR Pulsar+, with in-built IMU and GPS sensors, requires minimal setup and training prior to operation from vehicle roof, or backpack. Image processing is made easy, NCTech’s ImmersiveStudio application, outputs georeferenced .jpg panoramas in equirectangular format, ready for upload to KOREC K-Portal

Using KOREC’s K-Mobile data capture software, KlearView360° enables work management instructions to be communicated to mobile workers based on the data captured by the iSTAR Pulsar+. 

KOREC K-Portal

From issue identification to completed repair

The KlearView360° workflow has been designed with simplicity in mind:

  • Capture with iSTAR Pulsar+ via Pulsar app on chosen route
  • Upload georeferenced panoramic images to K-Portal GIS database. 
  • Identify asset defects or issues from imagery.
  • Assign location with image of asset defect to mobile worker
  • Mobile worker receives task instructions via K-Mobile app and navigates to asset
  • Mobile worker undertakes designated task and sends photo verification of work done
  • Database automatically updated

Users can also add their iSTAR Pulsar+ imagery to existing GIS datasets hosted within ArcGIS or QGIS via K-Portal’s dynamic link, and use rapid video playback to review driven routes.

“Historically these types of solutions have been very expensive, but the KlearView360° integration with the iSTAR Pulsar+ means that we can put vehicle mounted inspection into the hands of local authorities, highways engineers and consultants, utilities and many more in an affordable and effective way.”

Richard Gauchwin, KOREC Business Area Manager – Mapping & GIS