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Capturing new housing developments at their best

Today’s potential home buyers expect to be able to explore a house’s surroundings on Google Street View (GSV) before visiting the property. However, routine GSV captures can take up to two years to cover new streets. This is a challenge for new home builders, whose developments are not yet on the map.

By using NCTech’s data capture service, CALA Homes were able to get their prestigious new development onto GSV, at a time of their choosing and with added benefits.

We’ve been collaborating with Google, Intel and Sony for over five years to develop industry-leading imaging systems. Using this pioneering technology, we captured CALA’s new development in panoramic 360-degree imagery.

Highest resolution imagery

Our proprietary capture technology produces the highest resolution imagery on GSV. This ensures that locations captured by us are showcased in the best way possible, maximising the impact of that critical first impression.

Controlling the conditions of capture

A routine GSV capture could have taken place when conditions were less than optimal for CALA Homes’ sales objectives – for example, on a rainy day before any of the homes were completed.

However, our data capture service gave CALA Homes complete control over where, when and what was captured. This enabled them to totally control their presence on GSV and ensure their development was showcased at its best.

Our unique branding offering

NCTech also has unique permission to add branding within our GSV imagery worldwide. This means we could offer CALA Homes a fantastic opportunity to vastly increase their brand exposure to the billions of platform users.

Once captured, CALA Homes’s site data was processed through our VR.World cloud processing platform and then published to GSV.

Eleven thousand views per month

Using GSV, CALA Homes’ potential customers were able not only to locate the new development, but also to explore it in immersive, high resolution panoramic imagery. This virtual experience is a big hit: captures of new developments like CALA Homes’ get an average of 11,000 visitors each month on GSV.