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Application notes

iSTAR and Pix4D

Point clouds from NCTech iSTAR 360 HDR images The iSTAR 360° camera provides rapid, automatic High Dynamic Range (HDR) 360 degree imaging and can be used as a standalone device to create…

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iSTAR and SphereVision

NCTech iSTAR camera for immersive media and point‐to‐point measurements in SphereVision Project The iSTAR 360 degree HDR camera used in combination with the NCTech Measurement Module provides a solution for rapid and…

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iSTAR and LFM Server

NCTech iSTAR 360° camera to provide rapid HDR imaging for Z+F 5010X 3D point cloud colourisation The iSTAR can be used for colourisation of point clouds created by spherical terrestrial scanners. Although the Z+F scanner…

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