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Law enforcement – Derbyshire Police

Collision and criminal investigation This, for me, is ground‐breaking and something we could never have imagined would make our crime or accident scene reporting so detailed. Paul Moorcroft. Forensic collision…

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iSTAR and FARO Focus 3D X130

Scan colourisation with iSTAR HDR images The FARO Focus 3D X130 scanner does offer colour capture but is limited to single exposure, not HDR. It therefore does not always provide adequate results in challenging lighting conditions. NCTech iSTAR…

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iSTAR and Trimble TX8

Scan colourisation with iSTAR HDR images The iSTAR 360 degree camera provides rapid, automatic HDR (High Dynamic Range) 360 imaging and can be used as a standalone device or for colourisation of point clouds…

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