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Ready Player One….Go!

Our Commercial Director Chris Dryden gives his perspective on Spielberg’s AR and VR led fantasy.

I really enjoyed the Real Player One (RPO) and thought it was pitched at the right level. I watched with my 13 year old daughter who (proud dad moment!) got most of the retro references!

The film was always going to be a double edged sword for the industry though. Exciting the public about VR is great, but the less-informed/experienced masses may now be expecting (wrongly) to be able to use and experience 2045 level tech today.

In 1989, in Back to the Future II, flying cars and hoverboards may have seemed just as futuristic as weather predicting watches or wall sized flat panel TVs. Now, post 2015, there is still a long way to go before I get my hover board, while I can run a weather app on a smartwatch – or on my wall mounted TV – no problem at all.

No doubt the realisation of RPO’s vision of 2045 will be equally mixed in 27 years time. Just as a smartwatch running a weather app today is only achievable because of the mountain of underlying tech (sensors, displays, satellites, batteries, wireless data etc), likewise a tech mountain needs to be in place before RPO-like experiences can be achievable.

Consider for a moment the challenge to build virtual worlds like ‘The Oasis’ in RPO.

Arguably the most effective (and interesting) way to generate the necessary data mountain would be through opening the digital infrastructure to user created content. This in turn requires democratisation of building tools which are low cost and easy to use.

Just as The Oasis was a blend of real and synthesised, tools to capture the real world will be as important as what comes from pure imagination.  This is equally true in building immersive experiences today as envisaging the next generation experience.

Here at NCTech we hope to be able to play our part in enabling low cost, user created, real world capture, so watch this space (both real and virtual) for further news in this area.