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Property developers boost views of new developments with Street View technology

Property development firms are using technology to boost views of new developments not previously on Google Street View – and driving tens of thousands of consumer views as a result. 

The technology offering is called ‘Capture Service’ and comes from NCTech, an Edinburgh-based developer of virtual data technology. 

Rather than waiting for Google to update Street View, which can take months or even years, NCTech uses its panoramic camera technology to capture 360° street-level imagery of the new development, brands it with a property developer’s logo and then publishes it to Street View, on demand.

In the first three months of the service being in operation, Cala Homes, Muirton Living and Bloor Homes have seen an average of around 35,000 views of each new development per month, with some receiving well over 100,000 views in the same timeframe. 

The Capture Service is powered by NCTech’s iSTAR Pulsar camera, which is optimized for capture on the move. It is specifically designed to capture 360-degree data while mounted on a vehicle, drone or on foot.

Cameron Ure, CEO of NCTech said, “Our Capture Service offering gives property developers the ability to drive interest from customers by offering a current and detailed walk-through of their latest developments on Google Street View. By monitoring the number of views on new developments, developers can gauge the level of interest in their developments as well using it as another promotional tool to use with potential customers.” 

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