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Privacy Policy

Street-level Image Data Capture

NCTech Limited (hereafter ‘NCTech’/‘We’/’Us’/’Our’) is a virtual data company. We use our industry-leading technology to capture footage of locations around the globe to create a virtual view of the world.

The purpose of this notice is to explain how we process personal data collected during capture activities, how we keep it safe, and to explain the legal rights you have in relation to your personal data, if we capture your personal data within our footage.

If you have any questions about this notice, please contact or write to Data Protection Officer, NCTech Ltd, Quartermile One Floor 6, 15 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9EN, United Kingdom. Alternatively, you can call us on 01312026258.

If you contact us with a query or complaint regarding the way we process your personal data, we will retain a record of your query and contact details for up to 12-months after we receive it so we can contact you to resolve the issue.

Our commitment

We process personal data in accordance with the overarching principles and requirements set out in the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 (‘Data Protection Law’). What this means is that we process personal data in a way that is:

● Lawful, fair and transparent;
● Compatible with the purposes that we have told you about;
● Adequate and necessary, we only use the data we need to use for the reason we told you;
● Accurate and up to date;
● Not excessive, we only keep your data for as long as we need it; and
● Secure and protected.

How do we collect personal data?

Our specialised camera equipment, which can be mounted on vehicles or individuals, is used to capture footage of various public locations. When capturing footage, we sometimes capture personal data, including images of individuals and licence plate numbers.

Our lawful basis for processing personal data under Data Protection Law is legitimate interest. The processing is necessary for the purpose of NCTech carrying out data captures in public locations and we take steps to minimise any privacy risk to individuals when doing so.

On occasion, we may be required to capture both sides of a street. In order to reduce the risk of capturing the same personal data multiple times, there will be a time-lapse between captures.

While this will mitigate the risk, as all captures take place in public, we cannot completely eliminate the potential of capturing the same personal data multiple times.

What do we do with personal data?

We are interested in capturing footage of locations, not individuals. However, when filming in public areas, we may capture personal data which could be used to identify individuals. After we capture the footage, we edit it to anonymise any personal data before we share it with any other parties. We use a process which irreversibly blurs the personal data, so it cannot be used to identify an individual.

We may use the footage we collect for the purposes of object detection using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The purpose of this processing is to enable our technology to detect objects within our footage and not for the purposes of identification of individuals e.g. facial recognition or licence plate recognition.

Who do we share your personal data with?

We do not share your personal data with any third parties unless we are required to do so to satisfy a legal obligation.

How do we keep your personal data safe?

We have put in place appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and prevent it from being lost, destroyed, damaged, used, altered or disclosed. The data is hosted on cloud servers in the UK.

How long do we keep your data for?

We retain footage containing personal data for up to 2-years after we capture it.

Your legal rights

You have a number of rights under data protection law in relation to your personal data and if you want to exercise any of these rights, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help. These rights are as follows:

● right to request access to your personal data – you can request a copy of the personal data we hold on you;
● right to request correction of your personal data – if any personal data we hold on you is incorrect, you can request to have it corrected;
● right to request erasure of your personal data – you can ask us to delete your personal data in certain circumstances;
● right to object to processing or restrict processing of your personal data – you may object to our processing of your personal data in certain circumstances;
● right to request the transfer of your personal data – to provide you, or a third party you have chosen, with your personal data; and ● right to withdraw consent – where we process your data on the basis of consent, you can notify us that you want to withdraw consent any time.

If you have any data protection complaints, you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) by post at Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF. Email: Telephone: +44 (0)303 123 1113

We’d like to try and help with any concerns you may have before you contact the ICO, so please get in touch with in the first instance.