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Our news from SPAR 3D

Our commercial advisor, Chris Dryden, gives us his take on the SPAR 3D event.

SPAR 3D is a great show for a small company to make a big splash. It’s big enough to have the right people present, but not so big that you need to spend hundreds of thousands to be noticed. Obviously, having the Back to the Future DeLorean on the exhibition stand helped!

The DeLorean, which features in Google’s new Street View promotional video and on our website landing page

All through the event we had a really steady flow of traffic, with a mix of existing contacts and customers looking for updates, but also fresh faces who were hearing about NCTech for the first time.

Our headline objective was to present the new iSTAR Pulsar, and most importantly to hear feedback from the geospatial markets as to how it can fit into their existing workflow, or open up new possibilities.

iSTAR Pulsar in this first iteration is a simple, automated solution for visually capturing environments, with hardware and a cloud based data processing and hosting platform combined. Its value proposition sits in a sweet-spot between high end (and high cost) full mobile mapping systems on the one hand, and then on the other, those who are using $200 consumer 360 cameras for job-site capture, and struggling with low image quality and resolution.

We were pleased to hear that the initial configuration should benefit many of these existing users. We were also pleased to engage with numerous other industry solution providers who are keen to explore how they can use iSTAR Pulsar to significantly improve image quality while significantly reducing cost.

We are super excited to follow up on these discussions over the coming weeks, and are happy to hear from anyone who was not able to make the show, interested in talking about how iSTAR Pulsar can facilitate improvement in their workflow and business.