The iSTAR camera benefits from precision calibration, enabling it to be used for high accuracy applications. One such example is the new NCTech Measurement Module which provides point-to-point measurement functionality, from within the iSTAR immersive 360° view, when a pair of images is captured with a known vertical offset.

We rec­om­mend 60cm for opti­mal results. While it’s pos­si­ble to set an off­set val­ue of less than 60cm, accu­ra­cy of results may be less than opti­mal at low­er val­ues.


The accu­ra­cy per­for­mance spec­i­fi­ca­tions achieved by the iSTAR Mea­sure­ment Mod­ule is doc­u­ment­ed in this Appli­ca­tion Note here. Fur­ther Appli­ca­tions Notes are avail­able detail­ing the user work­flow of the inte­grat­ed third-par­ty soft­ware.

iSTAR measurement capture
Third-par­ty open strat­e­gy

iSTAR Mea­sure­ment Mod­ule func­tion­al­i­ty is offered as part of the NCTech SDK, rather than as a stand­alone soft­ware appli­ca­tion.

This open strat­e­gy makes the high­ly valu­able NCTech func­tion­al­i­ty more uni­ver­sal­ly and syn­er­gis­ti­cal­ly acces­si­ble from with­in exist­ing third-par­ty soft­ware, rather than from one spe­cif­ic and dis­crete soft­ware appli­ca­tion.

Mea­sure­ment cap­ture
Mea­sure­ment Mod­ule requires images to be cap­tured with iSTAR lat­est firmware. Down­load here


Zero cost

NCTech’s cus­tomer focussed phi­los­o­phy means that the SDK is offered at zero cost to the inte­gra­tor and in-turn dic­tates that the NCTech SDK inte­grat­ed func­tion­al­i­ty is offered for zero addi­tion­al cost to the user.


For more details of how to access the NCTech SDK for inte­gra­tion of the Mea­sure­ment Mod­ule or oth­er SDK func­tion­al­i­ty, see the SDK Inte­gra­tion page.


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Inte­grat­ed par­ties:

veesus arena4D logo

Arena4D, cross plat­form point cloud ren­der­ing engine for large point cloud data sets now incor­po­rat­ing iSTAR 360 image Mea­sure­ment Mod­ule.

arithmetica logo

Sphere­Vi­sion plat­form for import­ing of 360 con­tent from var­i­ous camera/sensor sys­tems, now inte­grat­ed with iSTAR Mea­sure­ment Mod­ule.