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"The iSTAR Pulsar is a remarkable feat—a serious product for valuable, machine learning-conducive datasets at an organization-friendly price point.

We have worked with NCTech for several years, and they continue to raise the bar in both camera performance and workflow simplicity."

Charles Armstrong, Product Manager, Google
Developed for 360° street level virtualization with
‘We are thrilled that NCTech has adopted Intel with Google Cloud as the foundation to launch their new VR and IoT solutions, including 3D cameras for Street View. The Intel - Google Cloud strategic alliance has enabled NCTech to quickly leverage vast compute power to democratize VR with their new range of edge-to-cloud camera hardware and services’

Jonathan Ballon, VP of IoT at Intel
Why iSTAR Pulsar
The Highest Resolution
High definition 60 megapixel images, 7 images per second. Delivering a lossless upload without compression artefacts, iSTAR Pulsar provides the highest possible image quality at the press of a button.
Dynamic Geospatial Capture
Whether hiking at 2mph across tough terrain with the Explorer Backpack or driving in heavy traffic, iSTAR Pulsar can dynamically reduce its capture rate to provide a consistent metered distance between shots. No more issues with unnecessary repeat data, upload size, processing times and costs.
No Computer Required
Capture using the iSTAR Pulsar app and upload to the cloud for processing direct from the device.
Advanced Stabilisation
Our fully automatic post processing pipeline includes an optional auto horizon stabilisation feature to rectify any pitch and roll induced when capturing on foot via the NCTech ‘Explorer’’ backpack system.
In Control
The Pulsar app provides you with everything you need to control iSTAR Pulsar, plan your routes, turn by turn voice navigation, view and share your content privately on VR.World or publish publicly to Street View.
Safe and Secure
The Pulsar quick release mount is the perfect solution for regular users. The lockable mount ensures the camera is held safe and level with fast release and cable management. Suitable for most roof rack systems and NCTech Explorer.
The Pulsar mount allows the camera to be installed or removed in 5 seconds, whilst the lock reduces the risk of theft. Includes integrated level and anti vibration.
One device, many applications
iSTAR Pulsar is designed specifically for the task of capturing moving 360-degree data and was developed in association with Sony and Intel. The system can be used in a range of industrial and smart city applications, such as:
Assessing the impact of new builds in urban planning
Delivering transportation analytics to reduce congestion
Providing city documentation for asset management
Monitoring crowd flow to increase security

Application Case Studies

Find out more about the applications of iSTAR Pulsar with our selection of industry case studies. See how our devices are being used around the world to provide Big Data solutions.

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Powerful Machine Learning and AI
iSTAR Pulsar is now being used around the globe to document and analyse 1000's of miles in the highest resolution data with fully autonomous streamlined efficiency. Providing a detailed analysis of the world and stunning Street View imagery.
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VR.World is a powerful cloud processing platform that provides all the tools you need to upload, process, view and share your 3D VR and 360 degree content.
Capture 360 spherical photos and 3D data from virtually any panoramic camera or reality capturing system
Upload your data to VR.World and let our powerful cloud processing platform prepare your content for you
Invite the world to experience your 3D and 360 degree content effortlessly through our dedicated interactive players
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Includes $30.00 free cloud data processing
* Data captured is processed on the NCTech cloud platform, VR.World.
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