Simplifying street‐level data capture and GIS workflows 

iSTAR Pulsar+ takes ‘big data’ capture to the next level

iSTAR Pulsar+ builds on the success of iSTAR Pulsar and adds a number of
significant new functions such as data
 export for local processing, sync to external GPS and
IMU sensors and direct integration to existing systems via the NCTech SDK.

Combining the iSTAR Pulsar Plus and our cloud data platform, VR.World,  you can also leverage the power of
AI and Machine Learning to document and analyse data at scale with high resolution panoramic imagery
providing a detailed analysis and streamlined efficiency for sectors such as smart cities, geospatial services and automotive.

Streamlined Workflow

iSTAR Pulsar+ also enables the Integration with 3rd party GPS and IMU devices allows precise GIS positioning. Export of encrypted data via SSD for local processing ensures total data control from capture to delivery and SDK integrations with leading mobile mapping systems complete the most efficient, accurate and secure high resolution panoramic image capture workflow available today.


Data Encryption as Standard
Keeping your data safe is priority. So if it should be stolen or fall into the wrong hands, it cannot be read without your licence key. Ideal for police, military and governments running private data networks.


Fully Calibrated Ready to Go

Every Pulsar system is calibrated at NCTech to sub pixel level. This, combined with our own advanced depth stitching process allows capture speeds of up to 70mph. Unlike other stitch methods such as optical flow that suffer from double data, bending, flickering or blurring.

No Cloud Needed

Capture — Download — Save. Direct export to SSD via USB‐C allows local storage of data for maximum security and data control. iSTAR Pulsar+ lets you own the data, you store the data and you control who has access to your data.

Data Formation License

iSTAR Pulsar+ offers data portability without cumbersome license transfer systems or restrictions. The annual Data Formation License (DFL) is in the data itself instead of the software, letting you concentrate on your workflow — not the licencing.

Embedded GPS

The new JPG file format option for iSTAR Pulsar+ includes full GPS EXIF metadata in every image, allowing direct import into GIS applications and systems.

Effortless Integration

iSTAR Pulsar+ allows automated synch with external devices such as GPS, IMU, LiDAR and additional equipment to provide the highest level of positional accuracy. SDK integration ensures full compatibility within existing applications and workflows.

Dynamic Data Control

Want variable spacing? Need data at specific time intervals? You’ve got it. iSTAR Pulsar+ lets you choose when and where your data is captured. Need an image every 2m or 2 secs? Simply define your requirements and capture as needed.

Orbit GT Integration

iSTAR Pulsar+ lets you import your data directly into Orbit GT via a dedicated import process, allowing accurate measurements and visualisation of routes and locations.

Key applications and market sectors

  • Building management
  • Connected transportation
  • Logistics and asset management
  • Inventory management
  • Connected Factory
  • Environmental monitoring

Asset Management

Effective way to visually document assets, record of areas requiring repair or maintenance.


Disaster Response Documentation

iSTAR Pulsar+ offers data portability without cumbersome license transfer systems or restrictions. The annual Data Formation License (DFL) is in the data itself instead of the software, letting you concentrate on your workflow — not the licencing.


Construction Progress Documentation

Fast and efficient way to document construction progress, inside and out.


Road Condition Surveys

High resolution output imagery allows road conditions to be assessed, i.e potholes, Cracks. Geotagged imagery gives approximate locations of problem areas.


Railway Documentation

Visual documentation of rail networks, improving maintenance efficiency.


Google Street View Ready

Publish outdated or previously uncaptured content on the Google Street View Platform using VR.World.

Pulsar Image
iSTAR Pulsar Plus Google Street View

iSTAR Pulsar Plus is priced at $8,995 (including one year annual Data Formation License) and is available now on the NCTech store.

iSTAR Pulsar Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

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iSTAR Pulsar Data Processing Plans

Data Processing Plans

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iSTAR Pulsar Sample Data Sets

Sample Data Sets

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