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iSTAR Pulsar hits the Slopes

One of our Virtualizers, Alex Wrigglesworth of Skilled Mapping ltd, shows how he used the iSTAR Pulsar mobile mapping system to add the roads and ski slopes of Alpe D’Huez to Google Maps in a stunning behind-the-scenes video.

The video documents the journey undertaken to map not only the streets of Alpe D’Huez by car, but also to capture its famous ski slopes. This feat was accomplished by skiing whilst wearing the NCTech explorer backpack outfitted with an iSTAR Pulsar.

The iSTAR Pulsar was designed for street-level imagery capture with the backend workflow optimised to make uploading to Google Street View via VR.World as easy and efficient as possible.

The video further explains the process behind completing both the road and ski capture as well as why he decided to map and update the Google Street View for Alpe D’Huez originally, along with the complexity of the task he faced.

The final result is hugely impressive and we look forward to seeing his future endeavours utilising our products and working with us in the first phase of the Virtualizer Programme.

Watch the full video here.

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