iSTAR is easy to use with the most important functions always at the tip of your fingers.

The great new look and style of firmware 2.x introduced over 60 modifications to ensure you get even more from your iSTAR.

Touchscreen navigation

Entirely new graphical interface providing clear, simple interaction and user feedback. Key features for your current mode of operation are readily accessible and visible at time of capture. Status bar now also displays File Type along with GPS, Disk, WiFi, USB, Ethernet and Power.

Connecting devices to iSTAR over WIFI

Intuitive interface provides user feedback to make it even easier to connect and control over Adhoc and Access Point modes.

Connecting devices to iSTAR over Ethernet

Connect iSTAR directly to PC or Mac and it will automatically detect and setup a network connection.

SDK (software development kit)

Improved communications and new functions to allow iSTAR to be integrated with 3rd party systems and software. To find out more about the SDK capabilities, please check

istar top
firmware screens
istar from top

iSTAR remote

Brand new to V2, allowing you to take full control of iSTAR from any WiFi enabled device. Capture, View, Delete or Modify any iSTAR setting from Power Off to changing ISO and White Balance.

Tilt and Compass

Visually enhanced to provide more accurate live feedback when on site. Now even easier to get iSTAR level between captures.

White Balance

New predefined modes for Sunny, Cloudy, Shadow, Fluorescent and Incandescent.

Disk Management

Intelligent image capture when disk space is limited.

Capture and view images remotely