Capture your world in 360 degrees
with professional high resolution HDR quality

buy iris360 - view from low angle

NCTech worked closely with Google while developing iris360, which is used by Google Trusted Photographers for the ‘Street View Trusted’ program and one of a limited number of spherical cameras available for anyone to instantly publish to Street View with the Google Street View app.

In addition to Google Street View integration, iris360 is also ideal for any other 360 imaging applications, whether for professional or personal use.

NCTech are also happy to integrate iris360 with other professional platforms, providing your users and customers with easy to capture, direct access to professional 360 imaging.

Google announces that iris360 from NCTech will image inside millions of businesses for the new updated Street View Program

google street view trusted logo

In August 2015, Google’s Business View program was rebranded to “Street View | Trusted”, its ongoing focus being to support pro photographers who publish photo spheres to Google Maps. The new Google Street View mobile app is designed to support iris360 images directly from any user.

Read the July 2016 update on how to become a Street View | Trusted Photographer at this link

Thoughts from a Google Trusted Master Photographer

I am very interested in the product and will be discussing it in conjunction to the future of Google related work with my industry colleagues. Many think your device will be the death of the Google TIP program, I am looking for ways to leverage it to our advantage. Whatever the case there is no doubt in my mind that NCTech is offering a simple solution to a previously complex series of tasks. That simplicity opens the door for exponentially increasing camera users and will accelerate the implementation of the new “Street View” project. From the capture end of the project who wins or loses at the end of the day remains to be seen, but from the supply side the iris360 is a “Game Changer”, congratulations!
Robert (Bob) Hewitt – MPA Nationally Accredited Master Photographer

Streamlined workflow direct to Street View

Works with Google Street View logo

The development of iris360 enables panoramic images to be automatically captured and published instantly by anyone directly  to Google Street View at the tap of an icon.

The Street View mobile app directly connects with specific types of automatic spherical cameras through your smart phone. iris360 is one of only a handful of cameras currently available that meet the requirements of the App. Once the panoramic images are created they can be published through the mobile app (data connection required) directly and instantly to Street View.

iris360 is the ideal choice for anyone looking to leverage the benefits of the public Street View platform for professional applications, from tourism, to heritage, sports or for general interest.

Instantly publish to Google Street View in 5 simple steps:

  • Install the StreetView app on your smart-phone or tablet
  • Connect iris360 to your phone/tablet via wifi
  • Select the ‘Spherical camera’ menu in the app to connect
  • Position your iris360 and hit the camera button to capture
iris360 Google Street View App-570
iris360 professional applications

Easily capture 360 degree images and integrate into your own professional applications

iris360 was born from our partnership with Google, however it can equally be used to provide the same benefits for other non-Google related applications and uses.

The NCTech iris360 IOS and Android App enables camera control and capture triggering remotely from your mobile device.

The 360 images are then either stitched on-board the camera and sent via wifi to the mobile device, or alternatively the raw data can be retained on the SD card to be transferred for later processing in our Immersive Studio software.

With the flexibility of these options providing a range of ways to create the final equirectangular (2:1 ratio) panoramic image in .jpg file format, the output from iris360 is incredibly easy to use. Professional applications range from virtual tours for real estate or tourism through to condition surveying for industrial environments or even incident scene capture for emergency services.

iris360 integration

The iris360 API is also available to integrate into your own professional application or providing all our application functionality and control directly within your own system.

iris360 integration

The iris360 Google OSC API is also available to integrate into your own professional application or providing all our application functionality and control directly within your own system.

iris360 view from top

Now talking about iris360 on:


iris360 capture times


Single exposure



Five exposures



Nine exposures


* Times are approximate and may vary depending on exposure. Immersive Studio is a software application provided at no cost with the iris360.

iris360 stitching times

Once the images are captured, they can either be conveniently stitched on board the camera immediatly after capture or you can choose to stitch later either individually or batch stitch all your images.

On board for convenience

Resolution: 8,000 x 4,000 120 Seconds
Resolution: 4,000 x 2,000 60 Seconds

Alternatively you can stitch the images out with the camera using Immersive Studio on a desktop computer or laptop. The images from iris360 can also be stitched using 3rd party applications.

Immersive Studio for batch processing

Resolution: 8,000 x 4,000 50 Seconds

* Times are approximate and may vary depending on exposure. Immersive Studio is a software application provided at no cost with the iris360.

iris360 on location

Innovation in your hands

Automatic onboard stitching straight to the cloud

High dynamic range (HDR)

iris360 provides on board automatic HDR and is capable of stunning images even from the most challenging locations and light conditions.

Using the same technology pioneered on iSTAR for our customers in forensic and crime scene analysis, iris360 will capture multiple
exposures across a wide dynamic range ensuring every detail is captured, especially in the shadows and windowed areas. iris360 can generate up to 360mb of data in one capture but providing a compressed and processed JPEG output of 10mb or less for easy sharing.

morningside hdr iris360
iris360 tablet mobile app

Remote control and capture verification

Capture, manage and share all remotely

iris360 can be fully operated via WiFi from a remote tablet or smart phone.

Images can be captured, viewed, verified and shared publicly on the cloud
straight from the remote device.

iris360 mobile app UI

Power and battery life

Designed to capture all day long


iris360 is shipped with a extra long life battery allowing for a hundreds images to be captured on one single charge.  If you need more, the battery can easily be replaced on the go with a freshly charged battery or by connecting our external battery pack accessory.

iris360 can be powered directly from mains allowing the battery to be charged while in use or on standby.

iris360 rotating animation

High resolution stunning images

Examples shown were created with new iris360 with 360° x 175° field of view

buy iris360 - view from low angle
iris360 view from top
iris360 45 degree view
iris360 back view, battery door

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