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iris360 Pro

Simplicity, Refined.


High Resolution Automatic Panoramic Camera

NCTech responded to the success of the iris360 by developing the iris360 Pro. This all new 360 HDR camera boasts 90MP resolution and a rugged, fully‐protected build quality. Easy to integrate into your photo workflow, it’s compatible with Google Street View.

Rethink How You Capture Professional Panoramic Photography

Main Features of this Professional 360 Camera

90MP Resolution

The iris360 Pro is our highest resolution one shot system to date. It uses precision optics to capture 10‐bit true HDR images.


The camera is built around a rigid core with a unique anti‐slip outer skin. It features a unique alloy interlocked cage internal structure. The result? Full protection for professional photographers.


Capture. Upload. Distribute. Convert. You can easily convert iris360 Pro panoramas to Immersive 3D, creating real world walkthroughs and virtual tours. The system is compatible with our NCTech SDK – giving you an upgrade path to the true professional performance you want from an industrial 360 cameras.

Works with Google Street View

Iris360 incorporates the Open Spherical Camera API. This gives developers complete control of the system. With a dedicated output of 12K, this is the leading Street View 360 camera on the market. It sets the standard for OSC API compatible cameras.

Capture. Process. Deliver.

The picture itself is just the start. We’ve made it easy to integrate to multiple professional platforms. The goal is to deliver a seamless, streamlined end to end workflow from picture to publish.

Through OneStopVR you can easily edit, share and push iris360 Pro content to your own website, Google Street View, Facebook, etc. This platform was specifically designed to be the perfect immersive distribution platform for the iris360 Pro.

It can even convert your iris360 Pro panoramic images to fully immersive 3D. Users can free‐roam your real‐world content. It’s even possible to take measurements – doors, windows, floors, and more. OneStopVR is packed with features that are perfect for realtors and more.

Create amazing 3D VR from iris360 Pro

Professional. Mobile.

A native iOS and Android app makes your iris360 Pro easy to control using any smartphone or tablet. The whole package is suitable for markets and sectors including construction, engineering, real estate and more. It’s also useful for virtual tours, Google Street View, and laser scan colourisation.

Key Technical Specifications

Resolution 90MP
Image Size 13800 x 6900 px
Sensor 4 x 18MP
Lens 4 x Fisheye 2.6mm
Aperture f/2.3
Exposure Auto/Manual Shutter Speed
ISO 100 — 6400
White Balance Auto White Balance
HDR up to 9 exposures, 27ev dynamic range
File Types True HDR (.hdr), RAW (10bit .nctri), JPEG (8bit .jpg)
Storage SDHC Card up to 32GB
Battery Li‐ion 7.5V removable battery pack
Power 12V 5A AC/DC Adapter
System OSC API
Materials Aluminium alloy chassis, ABS shell casing
Dimensions 15cm x 15cm x 20cm
Weight 1.9Kg

Features and specifications subject to change without notice

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