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iris360 Pro

Simplicity, Refined.


High Resolution Automatic Panoramic Camera

NCTech respond­ed to the suc­cess of the iris360 by devel­op­ing the iris360 Pro. This all new 360 HDR cam­era boasts 90MP res­o­lu­tion and a rugged, ful­ly-pro­tect­ed build qual­i­ty. Easy to inte­grate into your pho­to work­flow, it’s com­pat­i­ble with Google Street View.

Rethink How You Capture Professional Panoramic Photography

Main Features of this Professional 360 Camera

90MP Resolution

The iris360 Pro is our high­est res­o­lu­tion one shot sys­tem to date. It uses pre­ci­sion optics to cap­ture 10-bit true HDR images.


The cam­era is built around a rigid core with a unique anti-slip out­er skin. It fea­tures a unique alloy inter­locked cage inter­nal struc­ture. The result? Full pro­tec­tion for pro­fes­sion­al pho­tog­ra­phers.


Cap­ture. Upload. Dis­trib­ute. Con­vert. You can eas­i­ly con­vert iris360 Pro panora­mas to Immer­sive 3D, cre­at­ing real world walk­throughs and vir­tu­al tours. The sys­tem is com­pat­i­ble with our NCTech SDK – giv­ing you an upgrade path to the true pro­fes­sion­al per­for­mance you want from an indus­tri­al 360 cam­eras.

Works with Google Street View

Iris360 incor­po­rates the Open Spher­i­cal Cam­era API. This gives devel­op­ers com­plete con­trol of the sys­tem. With a ded­i­cat­ed out­put of 12K, this is the lead­ing Street View 360 cam­era on the mar­ket. It sets the stan­dard for OSC API com­pat­i­ble cam­eras.

Capture. Process. Deliver.

The pic­ture itself is just the start. We’ve made it easy to inte­grate to mul­ti­ple pro­fes­sion­al plat­forms. The goal is to deliv­er a seam­less, stream­lined end to end work­flow from pic­ture to pub­lish.

Through OneStopVR you can eas­i­ly edit, share and push iris360 Pro con­tent to your own web­site, Google Street View, Face­book, etc. This plat­form was specif­i­cal­ly designed to be the per­fect immer­sive dis­tri­b­u­tion plat­form for the iris360 Pro.

It can even con­vert your iris360 Pro panoram­ic images to ful­ly immer­sive 3D. Users can free-roam your real-world con­tent. It’s even pos­si­ble to take mea­sure­ments – doors, win­dows, floors, and more. OneStopVR is packed with fea­tures that are per­fect for real­tors and more.

Create amazing 3D VR from iris360 Pro

Professional. Mobile.

A native iOS and Android app makes your iris360 Pro easy to con­trol using any smart­phone or tablet. The whole pack­age is suit­able for mar­kets and sec­tors includ­ing con­struc­tion, engi­neer­ing, real estate and more. It’s also use­ful for vir­tu­al tours, Google Street View, and laser scan colouri­sa­tion.

Key Technical Specifications

Res­o­lu­tion 90MP
Image Size 13800 x 6900 px
Sen­sor 4 x 18MP
Lens 4 x Fish­eye 2.6mm
Aper­ture f/2.3
Expo­sure Auto/Manual Shut­ter Speed
ISO 100 — 6400
White Bal­ance Auto White Bal­ance
HDR up to 9 expo­sures, 27ev dynam­ic range
File Types True HDR (.hdr), RAW (10bit .nctri), JPEG (8bit .jpg)
Stor­age SDHC Card up to 32GB
Bat­tery Li-ion 7.5V remov­able bat­tery pack
Pow­er 12V 5A AC/DC Adapter
Sys­tem OSC API
Mate­ri­als Alu­mini­um alloy chas­sis, ABS shell cas­ing
Dimen­sions 15cm x 15cm x 20cm
Weight 1.9Kg

Fea­tures and spec­i­fi­ca­tions sub­ject to change with­out notice

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