NCTech are proud to have developed the Open Spherical Camera API in conjunction with Google for controlling 360 degree camera systems.

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The OSC is a new industry standard and within 12 months has been installed in over 500 million devices and used in over 1 million 360 degree cameras worldwide, since its launch in late 2015.

The attractive price point and professional quality of the iris360 camera has drawn significant attention from those interested in having 360 image capture directly integrated into their own software applications or web platforms. Integration means that the camera can be controlled and triggered directly without requiring the standard iris360 application / UI (much the same way as the Google Street View mobile app works). The output 360 images are then also handled directly within that third‐party system meaning no manual data transfer step needed.

NCTech are very happy to open up the ability to connect with iris360 in this way, thereby facilitating the uptake of 360 imaging for a broad range of applications, ranging from virtual tours for real estate or tourism through to digital documentation for industrial environments or even incident scene capture for emergency services.

To join our network of iris360 partners or for more details on the OSC API complete the ‘For developers’ section below.

Client application developers can be confident that their applications will work with all of the spherical cameras on the market.

Spherical camera manufacturers make sure that their product is compatible with all phones and tablet pcs now and in the future.

For developers

Open Spherical Camera — Google API

We have released the mock server implementation of this API under GPL license so that client application developers and other manufacturers of 360 degree camera systems can benefit from our experience in building and controlling immersive camera systems.

The Open Spherical Camera API can be downloaded from our web site by completing the form opposite.

You can read more about the OSC on the Google web site.

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