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NCTech data capture professionals with iSTAR Pulsar

The efficient route to improving road safety

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NCTech joins iRAP as their only commercial accredited entity in the UK with a global reach enabling us to capture worldwide. Proprietary, best-in-class capture technology, automated processing pipeline and global footprint make NCTech the end-to-end solution for road safety planning.

Why NCTech?

NCTech is a tech-enabled big data business that captures georeferenced high resolution 360º imagery and LiDAR data around the world. Our proprietary compact mobile mapping system allows us to capture the road environment in a full 360º context. Ultra high resolution image output ensures confidence during the inspection and coding stages of the assessment, where even small road defects can be resolved with greater accuracy.

How can NCTech images benefit your iRAP project?

High resolution 11k Imagery

Makes key road features easier to read. Speed signals, landmarks and school zones appear sharper, allowing the coders to complete high quality assessments quicker.

Georeferenced images

Removes the reliance on additional post-processing tools, saving time between data capture and coder data assessment.

Distance spacing settings at capture stage

Avoids data repetition and allows coders to review imagery at consistent and distance intervals.

Panoramic image view in 360°

Provides better context of the captured road environment. Road sections, junctions, and turns can be assessed as if you were there, with an intuitive 360° field of view.

Global Virtualizer network

Utilising our Virtualizer network, a multiregional base of data capture professionals, allows NCTech to react quickly and efficiently to fulfil the requirements of the iRAP road safety survey. We employ local people to undertake road surveys bringing benefits to the local economy

Created with world-leading tech companies

NCTech’s Imaging systems are the ideal partner for iRAP. Developed in collaboration with Google, Intel and Sony, specifically for cost effective, high resolution image capture, at a rapid pace and on a global scale.

A service trusted by Google Street View

We’re one of only a handful of Google accredited and recommended Street View providers. This means we can offer governments the option to push their collected imagery directly to Google Street View to provide further value from captures.

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