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Unlock the value of your data

We can help you really understand what’s behind your data using AI and Machine Learning.


Street-level imagery

The high-resolution output from our iSTAR devices allow for captured data to be interpreted by AI and Machine Learning to help you understand the value of your data. Our object detection tools can differentiate between a broad set of subjects within a captured environment, with the potential to only capture imagery when the chosen subject is in frame. This increases efficiency by drastically decreasing the storage requirement.

AI & Machine Learning

Our flexible layered data services cater to the exact needs of your business, with dedicated R&D teams ready to tailor bespoke tools for your organisation. So, are you ready to realise the potential of your data?

Smart cities

Using our object detection and semantic segmentation tools, we can provide a view of the world, categorised into a variety of classes.

Our rich analytical data is perfect for city councils and governments to help with research and decision making and with integrations like environmental sensors, LiDAR and other external devices, we can provide the data-rich imagery needed to enable Smart cities.

Asset Management

By utilising our capture devices, object detection tools and data management services, we can record, analyse and control your data to increase its efficiency. Our systems can update outdated manual methods of recording and tracking assets with automated processes, minimising the need for human involvement and creating a streamlined workflow.