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Intel – Google Cloud Strategic Alliance

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Developments in our Intel – Google Cloud Strategic Alliance and the Power of Cloud Collaborations

In November, Google Cloud and Intel announced a strategic alliance to support and accelerate enterprise adoption of cloud. Today, Intel are happy to report on the substantial progress enabled by the alliance, which is delivering exciting new capabilities with Google Cloud Platform.

Let’s take a look at the progress we’ve made

3D Image Capture

3D image capture will get a boost from this development: NCTech’s ColourCloud® is now hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Neil Tocher, CTO at NCTech, explains that Google Cloud Platform is the obvious choice for NCTech to provide a secure, end-to-end capture, process, and delivery workflow for the company’s customers. He notes, “With the upcoming launch of our new range of VR cameras we’ve migrated our 3D visualizing software, ‘ColourCloud®,’ to Google Cloud Platform. This allows professionals and consumers us to leverage Google Compute Engine to process vast amounts of high-resolution depth and image data, making VR capture and delivery a speedy process”.

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