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How “big data capture anywhere” is now a reality thanks to NCTech and Intel vision technology

iSTAR Pulsar from NCTech is a big data capture device developed in collaboration with Google, Intel and Sony for 360-degree virtualisation. It can be vehicle or backpack mounted to capture image and associated data anywhere. Using the artificial intelligence that is built into the iSTAR Pulsar camera and its image processing system, information and meaning can be extracted from images to go far beyond a simple array of pixels.

iSTAR Pulsar is highly technical and was only made possible by bringing the right minds together to solve complex challenges. Not only did it require expert skills in hardware including image sensors and onboard processing, it also called for in-depth software systems knowledge in image processing algorithms and leveraging cloud compute resources.

To accomplish this, NCTech went on a development journey with Intel solutions to meet its design objectives of market-leading affordability, portability, and performance. Tight deadlines and intensive efforts were all part of the mix, but thanks to NCTech’s prowess, Intel’s leading portfolio of vision products, and close collaboration between NCTech and Intel experts, iSTAR Pulsar is now a solution of choice for smart image capture and processing.

Find out more about how working with Intel enabled NCTech to create the groundbreaking iSTAR Pulsar below: