Scan colourisation — asset management — heritage documentation

iSTAR is an ideal tool for use within surveying, architecture and engineering sectors, both for standalone visual documentation and also as a companion to laser scanning systems.

iSTAR’s speed and simplicity provides easy access to HDR 360 imaging, perfect for providing a full contextual view of an environment. The resulting panoramic images can either be viewed independently or linked together via hot‐spots to create a‘virtual tour’ similar to Google StreetView.

iSTAR has incredible low light capability and captures full 360 HDR images with one button press in seconds.

iSTAR is also perfect for external HDR imaging for laser scanning systems and is completely scanner neutral, rapidly colourising point clouds in our unique ColourCloud software, typically to within two pixel accuracy. This colourisation process is fully automatic, without the need to export cube faces or pick any common points for cloud to image association.

  • Rapid HDR capture, reduce time on site
  • Instantaneous 360 capture, minimal impact from movement with scene
  • Excellent low light capability
  • Simple to use, minimal operator training
  • Batch post‐processing of data
  • High resolution, 50 megapixel imaging
  • Small and highly portable yet rugged construction
  • Accurate automated colourisation of point clouds
survey operations

3D Documentation
St Paul Cathedral / St Mary Magdalene Church

Getting jobs done quickly and effectively is our priority. We have 212 surveys on our system at present and we are using iSTAR every week.”

Dave Birchall
CAD Room Manager Survey Operations


3D Documentation
Alexandra Palace / Worthing Pier

iSTAR was very impressive. It’s size, ease of use, portability and image quality make it a worthy companion for our FARO Focus Laser Scanners.”

Andrew Maltby
MRICS. Director. Maltby Surveys.