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Welcome to our VR.World

VR.World is our powerful cloud processing platform that makes it easy for you to upload, process, view and share all your captured 3D and 360º imagery.

What can VR.World do for you?

With automatic big data processing, you’ll have access to all the tools you’ll need to process, analyse and distribute your content. VR.World also offers FREE hosting and distribution for 360 º panoramic images from almost any camera, plus one of the most competitive processing and distribution platforms in the world.

VR.World platform

Our purpose built platform makes it easy for you to publish and share your data using the very latest VR, AR and processing technology. Capture, upload, process, review and share from one handy platform, anywhere and anytime.


VR.World Viewer

Enjoy an immersive viewing experience on most devices and headsets with our interactive player. It can also be easily customised and embedded into your website.


Our 3D viewer for experiencing captured locations in virtual reality. Places allows users to navigate between different panoramas by clicking on hotspots, creating an overall ‘tour’ of a location. 

iSTAR Pulsar

VR.World is designed to process, manage and share captured data from our range of big data capture devices. Process your captured imagery in VR.World to help realize the potential of your data.

Image Processing

VR.World is a purpose built open cloud platform that provides processing, analysis and understanding of vast amounts of data to our global partners.

The large volume of data passing through VR.World allows for the most competitive processing and distribution platform for our clients. VR.World can also publish your processed data directly to other platforms such as Google Street View.

Contact our sales team to find out how processing your data on VR.World can save you time and money.

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We’re open to developers

Our Open Platform encourages developers to add value through our API’s and improve the features of our processing, players and delivery. So, if you’re a developer and would like to integrate VR.World into your platform or workflow, get in touch.