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ColourCloud® is now in the Cloud!

Colour­Cloud® is now avail­able as one of the many ful­ly auto­mat­ic online ser­vices through our new pro­cess­ing and deliv­ery plat­form VR.World3D depth data and images uploaded are auto­mat­i­cal­ly reg­is­tered, stitched and mapped pre­cise­ly to the depth data, deliv­er­ing vivid colour point clouds in a frac­tion of the time.

Upload VR. Edit VR. Share VR.

We have com­bined Google Cloud’s excep­tion­al infra­struc­ture capa­bil­i­ties with Intel’s advanced hard­ware to deliv­er VR.World that helps enter­prise cus­tomers future proof their infra­struc­ture, grow their busi­ness and unleash new ser­vice mod­els in the dig­i­tal econ­o­my.

VR.World har­ness­es the pure pro­cess­ing pow­er of Google Com­pute Engine cloud servers to eas­i­ly back­up, process, and share your data and pro­vide you with tru­ly amaz­ing immer­sive walk­throughs and vir­tu­al tours of your real world places. From vast, com­plex, pre­cise 3D mod­els in con­struc­tion and engi­neer­ing, to con­sumer cre­at­ed con­tent — all in record time.

ColourCloud® redefines your workflow for colourising scan data.
Fast, precise, supports HDR and works with all systems supporting E57.

ColourCloud® pioneers a service which allows any NCTech VR capture system to be used to colour point clouds with extreme accuracy.

LASiris VR 3D data con­tain­ing 343 mil­lion mea­sured points from 7 scan posi­tions, auto reg­is­tered and HDR coloured by Colour­Cloud® in the cloud

Cre­at­ed auto­mat­i­cal­ly by Colour­Cloud® using 360 degree images from NCTech iSTAR cam­era and laser scans from a Leica P40 and Z+F 5010.

See it clearly. See it in colour

ColourCloud® is NCTech’s revolutionary algorithm for seamlessly and automatically blending VR point cloud with 360 HDR images for pixel perfect precision and it can be run on the device, on the desktop or in the cloud fully automatically without needing user input.

Simple, fast workflow — just drag and drop and done!

Using ColourCloud® to colourise your point clouds couldn’t be easier!
The streamlined batch processing means hundreds of scans a day can be coloured.

No more heavy camera equipment, panoramic brackets, stitching, processing images, creating cube faces, manually clicking placement points, trained photographers or 3rd party HDR software needed.

Point cloud data captured with LASiris VR and colourised with ColourCloud®

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