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Big Announcement at GEO Business

NCTech will be exhibiting at GEO Business for the third consecutive year, but this year we have something big to announce. We are launching our new iSTAR Pulsar ‘Big Data’ capture system and want to find out more about how…

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Immersive tech – transforming the workplace

Immersive technology, namely VR, AR and Mixed Reality, is undoubtedly driving innovation across a broad spectrum of industries. I recently tuned into a webinar hosted by VR Intelligence to learn how different industries have integrated this tech into their business,…

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Scotland – our home & the home of tech

Over the past few years Scotland has been widely recognised as a hub for tech innovation, and the sharp rise in tech start-ups last year across the country, referenced by the BBC recently, couldn’t be more encouraging. Our journey began…

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Ready Player One….Go!

Our Commercial Director Chris Dryden gives his perspective on Spielberg’s AR and VR led fantasy. I really enjoyed the Real Player One (RPO) and thought it was pitched at the right level. I watched with my 13 year old daughter…

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