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Our unique 360° technology

iSTAR Pulsar and iSTAR Pulsar+

The iSTAR Pulsar range is NCTech’s proprietary data capture technology. These industry-leading devices were developed in collaboration with Google, Intel and Sony to capture 360° street level imagery, on a large scale and cost effectively.

Lightweight yet rugged, these devices are suitable for both vehicle and backpack operation and offer:

Incredible 60.5 megapixel 360° images

Captured at up to 7 frames per second

Unbeatable ease of use – controlled through a smartphone app

Which iSTAR Pulsar is right for you?

Choose iSTAR Pulsar to publish to Google Street View

iSTAR Pulsar makes it easy to capture high-resolution, 360° imagery and publish directly to the GSV platform via VR.World.

Choose iSTAR Pulsar+ to control your data from capture to delivery

iSTAR Pulsar+ offers all the features of iSTAR Pulsar but also enables you to process, store and utilse your captured data within your own systems.

iSTAR Fusion captures high resolution 360° images that can be used to visually document environments. Featuring an IP64 rating, it’s been specially developed for operation in challenging conditions and offers:

  • Immersive 50 megapixel panoramic imagery
  • Huge 27EV HDR capture range with no loss of detail even in challenging lighting conditions
  • Automatic RGB overlay for LiDAR point clouds
  • Compatible with most 3rd party stationary LiDAR systems – Leica, Trimble, FARO, Z+F
  • Built for tough environments
  • Calibrated system for high-precision applications
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