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Let us capture the world for you

Discover how our high-resolution 360° imagery and LiDAR data sets can help you work smarter.

We can capture the assets and attributes of your site so you can view them as accurately at your desk as if you were there.

We’ll give you immersive, unbeatable quality 360° imagery, with optional LiDAR, providing up-to-date data on your project’s surroundings. This means you can accurately assess every view from one point, reducing the need for site visits.

Our data capture service can help with…

Asset management

Visualising, detecting and geotagging physical assets.

Road safety

Capturing and analysing road attributes to help improve safety.

Utility documentation

Improving project planning by capturing and auto-detecting utilities.

Destination marketing

Showcasing areas and attractions in immersive 360° on Google Street View.

Our data capture technology: iSTAR Pulsar+

Our data capture technology, iSTAR Pulsar+, was developed in collaboration with Google, Intel and Sony to capture 360° georeferenced street level imagery, on a large scale and cost effectively.

Purpose-built for advanced street level image capture and suitable for both vehicle and backpack operation, this ruggedised device offers:

Incredible 60.5 megapixel 360° images

Captured at up to 7 frames per second

Built-in high accuracy GPS and IMU sensors

Our global network of data capturers

Whether you have a small project covering just a few miles or an entire metropolitan area, our network of data capturers, known as Virtualizers, are standing by.

Using our technology, they can record data around the world, with consistently high-quality output and fast turnaround.

Unlock the value of your data using AI & Machine Learning

We can help you really understand what’s behind your data. The high-resolution output from our iSTAR devices allows for captured data to be interpreted by AI and Machine Learning.

Our object detection AI tools can identify a broad set of subjects within a captured environment and perform semantic segmentation of areas, offering valuable extended data analysis of your imagery.

Find out how our data capture service could work for you