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iSTAR Pulsar vehicle mounted

Capture the world around you

With our innovative imaging systems, pioneering capture service and global Virtualizer Programme, we provide our customers and partners with the very latest street level data to help drive their business forward.

Routing tools within iSTAR Pulsar App

Virtualizer Programme

Our unique global network of Virtualizers enable us to capture vast amounts of street level data for multiple customers over a wide range of industry sectors. We are currently recruiting new Virtualizers to be at the forefront of virtual technology, using our pioneering iSTAR Pulsar imaging system to help us map the world.

iSTAR Pulsar mounted to vehicle for street level capture

Capture Service

NCTech offers 360° street-level data capture services across multiple industry sectors, providing high resolution geo-referenced imagery, LiDAR and environmental datasets at any scale. Additionally, captured imagery can be given bespoke branding and published to millions of users on Google Street View.


Developed in collaboration with Google, Intel and Sony, this big data capture device offers 360º degree virtualization from vehicle or backpack.

As the name suggests, this device builds on the success of the iSTAR Pulsar by adding a number of innovative new functions.

This device has been designed to provide rapid 360º degree imaging across a variety of applications