Capture as a Service

Update Google Street View with the latest images of your Business

With millions of daily views, Google Street View is one of the internet’s most utilised services. People rely on Street View to give them vital information about the world, and ensuring that they are given the most up to date view with Capture as a Service from NCTech provides immeasurable value for your business.

On average, Street View is updated once every two years in cities. In rural areas, the wait could be even longer, as Google typically puts precedent on urban areas.

Rather than wait for Google to update Street View, we will update it when you want, showing what you want viewers to see, and branding the images we capture with your logo.

With Capture as a Service, NCTech can provide a perfect first impression for viewers and allows businesses an opportunity to shape the perceptions of their chosen area.



We will capture images of your business, development or local area to update Google Street View.

Pick the perfect time to showcase your chosen area in its best light and we will capture it for you.



Extend the reach of your business to the billions of people using Street View, with every image distinctly branded with your logo or brand for maximum exposure.



Publishing the branded images to street view is simple, efficient and can be handled by NCTech’s proprietary solution within a few weeks.

Publish mapped areas to Street View or use a virtual player for an interactive walkthrough.

Case Study — CALA Homes

NCtech have worked with CALA Homes to give them control of their presence on Google Street View by publishing previously uncaptured developments and assisting their customers through virtually experiencing their new developments on this global platform.

NCTech and Google have worked closely for over 4 years in pioneering new software and hardware developments for Street View. NCTech capture, brand and publish the Google Street View imagery, giving customers like CALA the opportunity to update this whenever they require.

Being in control of when the capture takes place means we can guarantee the weather, location and preparation is at it’s best.

We then added the CALA brand to the images, emphasising their presence.

New developments can be added on to street view to allow prospective homeowners a view of CALA developments without need to visit the site location, streamlining the process by which homes can be shown.


Average of 1K views per month on new development captures

Price on application

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will the capture remain on Google Street View?

Your capture will remain on Street View for a minimum of 3 months.

How long will it take to appear on Google Street View?

From the date of capture it will take between 1–2 weeks to appear on Street View.

Can I get access to the raw 360° images?

Yes, you can request access to the images, there will be a small charge for these.

Where can you capture?

We can capture anywhere in the world and upload to Street View. As well as roads, we can capture pedestrianised areas, rural areas, trekking/hiking routes and water routes.

Will license plates and face be blurred?

Faces and license plates are blurred by Google in our imagery. Images purchased for non Street View purposes will not be blurred.

Will the new capture overwrite the existing capture on Street View?

Yes, the route captured references our high accuracy GPS, IMU and compass systems so, when it is published to Google it becomes the current capture for the location. Older captures can be referenced through the timeline in google street view.