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Automatic HDR image overlay software. ColourCloud redefines your workflow for colourising scan data. Fast, precise, captures amazing HDR and works with all scanners that support E57 and LAS.


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Come and join us and we will provide opportunities for you to work on leading edge products and software for virtual reality markets with our silicon valley partners.

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iSTAR application notes

Discover the key applications around iSTAR from scan colourisation to photogrammetry and the unique features and functions including advanced HDR capability that together makes iSTAR such a powerful imaging system.

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Point3D LLC

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Here’s some shot of a great setup showing a drone mounted iSTAR by aereal, a company specialised in aerial imagery capture.

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Keith Brown MSP, visits our office this morning to announce new board to co-ordinate enterprise work in Scotland. Seen here with NCTech founders..

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