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Introducing LiSTAR Geo

Capturing the world

Providing high-resolution 360° 3D data and insights at scale to the world’s largest companies. Providing full capture to cloud enabling the Metaverse, StreetView, Digital Twins and GIS Mapping Services.

Capture your world

Your site’s assets and attributes, captured with such accuracy that viewing them at your desk is as good as being there.

Create big data

Our powerful open cloud platform, VR.World, makes it easy to process, analyse and distribute your data.

Interpret your data

With 360° imagery it’s not about what you can see, it’s about what it can tell you. Get more from your data with AI.

We’re ready to collaborate with you

NCTech is a tech-enabled big data business that captures georeferenced high resolution 360° imagery and LiDAR data around the world. Our proprietary, best-in-class capture technology, automated edge-to-cloud processing and global footprint provide an end-to-end solution for our clients.

Utilising our Virtualizer network, a multiregional base of data capture professionals, allows us to react quickly and efficiently to fulfil our clients’ requirements. We employ local people to join our network, bringing benefits to the local economy.


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